How to setup Red5 for the videowhisper's "video chat" plugin

I've installed the video chat plugin ( on my elgg site, but the program says that he needs RTMP server, and I found Red5 as the perfect free solution. But I don't have any ideia of how installing the Red5 plug-in on my server, if I have to install outside the elgg site server, I already have another domain ready for this, and after installing, how to setup? the videowhisper's plug-in asks for:

RTMP application address on a rtmp server.


RTMFP Server.

Well, the application address I understood that it is the path for the aplication for the Red5 plug-in that you diwnload at videowhisper's website, but the server, what do I place in there? And how do I install the Red5 plug-in on the website?