Hi Kevin

Thanks for the pluggin, but i am having problems when trying to register to an event as attendee

it gives this error The requested URL /engine/handlers/action_handler.php was not found on this server


Could you please give some help to solve this?


  • That's a standard Elgg URL. If your Elgg install can't find that URL it is seriously broken.

    The file should be in /root-to-your-elgg/engine/handlers/action_handler.php

    Check to see that it is there.

  • Thanks Kevin for your prompt reply,

    the file is there and i have checked my .htaccess to, for me it is well configured.

    please i really need help, i wanted my site to be up and running on the 31st, and this issue is delaying me.

    Thanks again.

  • Kevin,

    i have solved the problem,my .htaccess was misconfigured.

    The pluggin works like a charm