How do I remove posts on my log in page

Hi guys, I just took over this site, am no developer and trying to learn as I go, but I am having trouble with post showing up on the login page.

I had two other issues and I got them resolved, took me a while but I did..

Now it seems like a security issue or something witht the post on the login area How do I stop that, also how do I go about upgrading the site as its customized would it pose difficulty with the customization? Can you take a look and give suggestions?

  • If you want to stop contents showing on landing page, enable the custom_index plugin and look at the index.php file of it. You can see how the different contents are called on the index page. Remove those contents which you dont need. Also you need to edit mod/custom_index/views/default/canvas/layouts/new_index.php

    Upgrading : See . You will loss all the modifications you have made in the elgg core. Thats why is is told to make your modifications as plugins.

  • seem not to have any luck there

    when i add an image everything goes hair wire

    I just want to replace the existing image, stop the blog posts from showing and show recent members