New to Elgg Want Help

I am a memeber of an application development group who is planning about using Elgg  for developing an online academic network as a part of out final year college network.


We want to introduce some restrictions in the present scenario available in Elgg 1.8.1 and further.

For example we want to completely remove the concept of friends.

We want something like users can only interact over groups and the same are allowed to be created by few people like faculties and administrator(s).

Similiarly we have few more restrictions..


Can anyone help how we can go about it as we are all new to PHP programming.

If we well get assistance then only we can move further and get our project passed.

  • HI, I want to add envolve chat to my site-still on computer and not live yet, but it says to add thier html code to the <head> of the site, and I want it to show on the bottom.  Where do I find the <head> to add the code?  And would it show at the bottom of the pages?  Thanks, you can email me too at  Thanks

  • @mIkalah : your problem is different from Manoj's. Start a different thread for it. All you need is to just extend the elgg's header view with your code. Develop a plugin for that. You can have a look at these links

    @Manoj : If you are new to Elgg and Php, its not as easy as you imagine. Besides what Ismayil pointed out, you need to override some views too like acceess etc.. As the friends functionality is a core feature of Elgg, it requires some patience and multiple coding hours to turn off this feature. Nobody here will be able to teach you it step wise, we can only guide you. As we suggested you earlier, the best starting point is the Elgg source code itself. Digg in to it, read the documentation and use the reference sites, ask questions if you get stuck. Still if you cant do it, post your requirement to professional group and hire a dev for your need.

  • @Team Webgalli: okk i will try to do as you suggested if i follow the instructions given in one of the post i.e.

    1. Unregister menu items

    2. Unregister actions

    3. Unregister page_handlers

    4. Unregister plugin_hooks


    Will this definitely work for the needed eenvironment

  • And one more thing i needed to know that if there is any plugin for having a detailed profile like LinkedIn is having

  • @Manoj:

    You started off with " am a memeber of an application development group.. " 

    I would like to give you some sincere and *hot advice to get your project going into the fast lane..

    Being in " application development group" - all your questions so far make you like you're not tehnically inclined nor have the programming background required to work at a practical level with a platform such as Elgg ;-)

    By now.. amost 1 week after your initial appearance - you should have been talking at a totally different level of thought pocesses. A statement like " And one more thing i needed to know that if there is any plugin for having a detailed profile like LinkedIn is having.." simply indicates that you have not searched or looked around the PlugIns repository here @ElggComm !

    Thiose of us that have been posting advice for you would certainly like to know how far all that helping advice is taking you and your project ? So how about some news on your project, progresses and so on rather than just more questions and questions as if your team i just starting to learn about programming.

    For example -- in your 'develoment group' - what technologies do you currently work with ? Have you all programmed with other scripting languages ? How comfortable are you after 5 days with PHP as another language ? Your answers to these will help people trying help you to know "where you are coming from? " and whe we know where you coming from technically -- the better guidance can be given to make your project successful..


  • @Dhrup


    We are from India

    We have been working since now only on .NET & Java Frameworks lik ASP.NET, Struts etc.

    We have installed the elgg and has already started digging the code.

    But still i do ask questions because as this is open source community.

    Any body can contribute and you people do keep a sneak peek on that.

    So i ask questions so that I get the answer that is most efficient for a job as there are many options for same job in this community forum.

  • If you can handle .NET & Struts then Elgg/PHP will be no problem, just needs some TLC and learning curve which you can control.  Struts for example is much heavier learning curve than PHP - which can be learnt quite easily form W3Schools or the Php.Net tutorials itself. just another language.. ;-) Y rquestions so far hav been too 'elementary' like user-oriented, but know this -- all aspects you're looking for -- *can be coded with Elgg; maybe little effort, maybe more.. But make progress - you must *try code changes, not fearful of breaking the system ;-) how else does one learn ? with fear or without ? so.. dig in, dive in bring out the diamonds ;-oO

  • Hi, i would like some help with removing friends completely aswell, i understand some one said: 

    1. Unregister menu items

    2. Unregister actions

    3. Unregister page_handlers

    4. Unregister plugin_hooks

    is there more of a detailed (step-by-step) way i could do this, my knowledge is very i am a unviersity student so i am learning.


  • I believe this has been detailed a number of times, google around a bit more I'm sure you'll be able to find it.