Elgg VPS Hosting Provider

After a really long incubation period I am getting ready to host my elgg project. I am looking at VPS hosting, but cannot make up my mind which provider to use.

Is anyone using Godaddy VPS and happy with it. I am considering their 'Value Plan' 2GB RAM @ about $30/mnth after discounts.

Any other provider recommendation HostGator,Arvixe which are good that I should consider



  • Personally, I don't recommend godaddy, but hostgator has been good to me.  I don't know much about Arvixe but they seem to have a good presence around here and a good reputation.

  • What is the issue with godaddy? Searching through the posts look like Hostgator has better reviews. Which Hostgator plan are you using?

  • To be honest I haven't used godaddy as a host, but I have worked with some clients that did and it seemed that the support was lacking.  They're great for registering domain names, but I got the feeling that the hosting was an afterthought.  That could have been a couple of isolated incidents though - the hostgator support has been excellent however.  I'm just using a shared hosting plan at the moment as I don't have any heavyweight projects on the go, but I assume that the level of customer service would be as good or better for a vps account.

  • Matt thanks for your feedback


  • I have used GoDaddy in the past and it's one of the worst solutions you can settle for. If you want to get your money worth (shared or VPS) go with a2hosting or arxive. Both have a great uptime, timely and relevant customer support, and are customized for Elgg hosting.

  • The biggest problem with godaddy is the chaos. They've grown too fast, and they've been adding services on top of each, which created an absolute mess. They haven't thought their model through, and as a result you can never find what you need, and if you do it's some custom solution that they have programmed in-house and which has a million disclaimers / footnotes on how to use, how to customize etc.

    a2hosting offers you a normal cpanel access, which is far better than any custom solution that can be offered by a hosting company. Clients of mine also use heartinternet. They offer a very good service, the only downside is a custom management console.

  • Thanks Ismayil I went with Arxive and put your reference. Matt thanks for your feedback I liked hostgator too but Arxive was offering better powered virtaul server at the same cost and had few extra services. 

  • Well, I have good experience with GoDaddy VPS 30 USD/ month. It is really working great for me.