Question about legal stuff

Right now it is just a pet project, however i would like my community to be a little profitable.

I know the ELGG core is under GNU license. Does that mean all my work on top of the core is under GNU license too, so everyone could just steal my work? I am planning a free site, with some ads, so i dont know why someone would want to do that but i wouldnt like it.

Second, am i allowed to change the core as i see fit?

I read on wikipedia that since i would be running a server which delivers a service to the clients, i am not forced to share any code. I was planning on just stating that the site is based on ELGG and give a link in the About page.

And last, in which file do i put in the unregister code to remove the top-left menu elgg-icon/link? I click on it all the time and it annoys me. :)

  • No, your own code can be under whatever license you assign to it, however, you have to be careful.  You can't include a GPL library, or derivative works in your code and assign it a non-GPL license.

    However, even if you use GPL code, you aren't under any obligation to package it up and release it if you don't want to.  So no, no-one could steal your code.  A savvy enough programmer could steal your idea and recreate it though, and there's nothing you can do to prevent that.

    Yes you are free to change the core as you see fit.  It's not encouraged, but there's no rules saying you can't.  Have at 'er.

    Lastly, any plugins init function will do.