allow group admins to post an event

I tried to restrict only group admins and owner to post an event, but it only works for the group owner. I'm using group_tools 1.9 (+ event_calendar 0.84 + elgg 1.7.14) to add multiple group admins. Is there an easy way to modify this plugin for my need?. Thanks for any suggestion.

  • What do you mean by "only works"? What happens when you try?

    The event calendar should be checking $group->canEdit() which should work with any group admin plugin. I can try to see if there is a bug if you give me more details.

  • I mean if I login as the group owner I can see the "Add event" menu item on the left, but it disappears when I login as a group admin. Maybe it has something to do with my installation or conflict with other plugins?