Bundled jQuery UI seems to be missing some css definitions in Elgg 1.8.1

I'd like to use some jQuery UI widgets, namely tabs and progressbar, in a specific plugin view. I had a look at the bundled UI javascript code, and it contained all these plugins - so far so good. However when I called the tabs and progress bar initialization on certain nodes, they did not seem to render properly - as if the javascript did not execute.

Bit of investigation in Firebug showed that the js part executed just fine - for example the progressbar node got populated with the following css classes: ui-progressbar ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all. However none of these classes are defined in the default css views. On the other hand, some UI classes are defined, e.g. autocomplete and datepicker classes.

So what's the deal here? Shall I got to the jQuery UI Theme page, download my own theme, and register and load the css when necessary? Even so, I don't see why certain UI widgets' and plugins' source would be included, but not the associated css classes.

  • @ismayil: i definitely agree with you.. but.. also keep in mind:

    1. register_js and load_js is still necessary and and a great way for plugin developers to easily register their js without extending views.

    2. That could be changed :)

    3. .. i have no information on that one. (but..bring it back in?)

    4. performance can be gained on different places. it is my understanding that when it can be archived that the largest files are loaded in the footer, than the rendering time should not be heavily effected.

    i totally agree with you that it should be as modular as possible. personally i think, that jquery should not be necessary in the first place. i also think i will be okay to create a bundled plugin that is not enabled and does nothing more than adding the javascript. an "opt in" for the jquery-ui.. also developers could make use of the <required /> tag.

    this is just an suggestion. as choping the css takes an amount of work/time. also.. elgg would even become a little bit less modular..