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Hi I work for a not for profit in the UK and am trying to set up a site for refugees to help them find people in their area who speak their language. I need to find / create plugins that will translate the site preferably from the index page into languages that arent really found in the plugin library such as Tamil and Farsi. I know Wordpress offers a plugin that simply offers these in a drop down menu - I dont know if something similar is available or could be created?

As a not for profit we would hope for someone to donate their time of possible but if you wanted to send a quote it would at least give us a figure to work with. More about the site and its intentions below..

About the site

In the UK asylum seekers are dispersed by the government and cannot always live near people from their community. Many have suffered torture and are extremely vulnerable. One of the reasons these people are so isolated is that they have no access to english language courses for 6 months after they arrive. Living off £30 a week travelling and any extras are impossible to finance and for many internet access in local libraries is the only really free resource they have.

The aim of this site is to allow them to use the internet to find people nearby who might be in a similar position with the potential to meet up or at least be able to communicate in your language with others who understand how you feel. It will also provide a directory groups searchable by language helping people to know where to go for help. 

Translating every step of the site is key to this project. 

Professional Services

Professional Services

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