Cannot upload Avatar - 1.8


I'm going mad, because in my site i can't upload an avatar.

I choose an image, I get the message "avatar succesfully uploaded" but nothing happens.

I reinstall ellg as-is, nothing added yet.

Help! :-(


  • As you mentioned, you get to see the picture uploaded to the files section when you click on the picture, but you don't see any resized pictures (thumbnails, avatars, etc.). You mentioned that GD library is installed, but I'm not sure it's working correctly on your server.

    Check out the data folder to see if the resized pictures are there or not. For example, look into the subfolder of your account in the data directory (subdirectoy year/month/day/user_id of registering). There should be a folder named "file" with 4 files per uploaded picture (original file + 3 resized pictures). In the "profile" subfolder in your account's data directory should be several resized versions of your avatar. Are these image files there or is there only the master.jpg image (original file)?

    In case the original uploaded files are there but not the resized images there surely is something wrong with GD library. Then you should ask your hoster what might be wrong. Maybe it needs to get re-installed. Or... what's the php memory_limit on your server? If it's too small the resizing could silently fail.

  • Hi to all, I didn't die but I have many things for this big project...

    I followed all your suggest, I installed tidypics previews for elgg 1.8, i succeed in uploading pics, i see either the thumbs either the big-sized pics.

    I use chmod to set to data folder 777 (i know that is not secure, but it's a beginning point) and nothing happens.

    The data folder must be called "data" or i can use other names? Actually I have "datadir".

    Thank you! :-)


  • I installed tidypics previews for elgg 1.8, i succeed in uploading pics, i see either the thumbs either the big-sized pics.

    Do you want to say that you see the original image AND the thumbnails or does that mean you DON't see the thumbnails? In the latter case I don't think your problem has anything to do with the data directory (btw. you can name it as you want). If the image gets uploaded but the thumbnails are not created the problem is caused by the GD extension not running correctly. This could be either due to a faulty installation or due to a lack of available memory (php memory limit).

    It seems Tidypics 1.8 preview doesn't have the Server analysis available yet that was included in the earlier versions (1.7.X). Maybe you will find some error messages in your server's log instead telling you what might have gone wrong.

  • @iionly: my problem is only with the avatar. Tiypics actually works very good! I can't upload avatar, the message is "avatar updted" but it's not true

    Merry Xmas


  • in your settings make sure you have the data folder with the 'full path to the folder'



  • Up of a sudden I cant upload avatars. I can only crop already uploaded but new users are unable to add avatars. Nothing in crop area. File upload works, image in thumbnail only avatars are broken. default gray silhouette displayed.


  • Just avatars affected. I can upload files and thumbnail are created, photo too. but when I upload avatar I get upload successful and nothing in crop area.

    elgg v1.8.6


  • Well, I'm not sure if this to blame, but I had installed avatar permissioons plugin that supposedly managed Profile Icon permissions, but eventually must be interfering with avatar creation somehow.


    I think this plugin may create flaws.