GSOC disappered?

Few months back there was a great excitement about GSOC.Few months later,I am trying to find how has the GSOC projects helped the community.2 out of 3 was completed.The completed ones were never released to the community and I apphrehend the amount of improvements elgg has gone through the months would mean that the plugins are not directly usable and may need some modifications.

Then the GSOC developers just disappeared from the site.No more contributions it seems.

Now I don't want to point fingers at anybody but somewhere something went wrong and I guess something that would have been great for community didn't do much good.

I don't want to criticize anyone but I strongly believe that the people for whom this message is meant understand that sometimes mistakes do happen and please don't allow them to happen again

  • Cryptic public communications are not my favorite.

    Anirup means the core developers when he says "the people for whom this message is meant".

    We had over 50 applications for GSoC and only had 3 spots. That lead to some difficult decisions on who to accept. Anirup is one of those we did not accept.

    Both the web services and ajax plugins will be important for Elgg. The web services plugin can be used now with Elgg 1.8. It needs a little more work before we release it with Elgg. We are discussing how to best incorporate the ajax work into Elgg 1.9.

  • Not my favorites either but...

    I was excited about them =(

  • First having only three GSOC spots and then only 2 getting finished isn't something to be proud of.Its not going to increase GSOC spots for elgg in anyway.I saw the elgg weekly document and from what I could understand,the 3rd one never started off properly.