1.6.8 to 1.7.3 upgrade results in albums and photos loosing relationship


I've just upgraded Tp 1.6.8 to Tp 1.7.3. In the process albums have been with no photos inside. Were there any changes to the containment logic?

Symptomps are:

1. Running Elgg 1.7.14

2. Photos are present, and are visible (with different thumb sizes) via most viewed and most recent

3. Site labums come up with no cover and no images inside (however, when the slideshow comes up with all album images and previews, but with a question mark image in the full-size view.

4. If you do sort album, there are no images shows, however if you click save, the images count in the album view is set to one (with no images still)

I would be greatful if you could help me debug this. Let me know if I can provide more info.

  • There should be an upgrade button on the Tidypics Administration page. Click that. Tidypics now saves the order of images as metadata. The upgrade script creates the metadata for the all the albums.

  • Duh me. The admin view was not upgraded for some reason, so I didn't see the link. Thanks.

    Maybe you could help me with another problem. Ever since the server was migrated, the tagging doesn't work. I don't see any JS errors, and reset all the permissions in the data directory, but nevertheless, no action is performed after an area is selected on the photo. The selected area just disappears... 

  • So, I've managed to resolve the issue with tagging.

    I've updated the imgAreaSelect JS library to the latest version (I suppose the lib included with tidypics is not compatible with latest jQuery), and pondered a little with offsets in tagging.php, as they were completely off the grid.