Private pictures used in Blog postings

Hi all,

I have a question. When i upload a picture to my photoalbum and assign it as a private picture and then use it in my blog posting. every other user will not see the picture, which of course is a good thing :) .. however, how can I upload a picture that is not visible in my photoalbum but still visible in my photo album? If i have freelance writers that post a blog posting their photoalbum can grow large and perhaps want to differentiate what is in their photo album and what is purely a picture for their blog postings.

Also.. is there someway to show something else instead of a blank space when a private picture is used?

edit: Is there a plugin that extends tinymce to upload files to the user folder?




  • Why not simply create different albums? One album is private and contains images not to be shared, the other albums can contain the images to be included in blogs and are not private.

  • well .. that is a solution. however if one maintains a blog for a long time that album will grow large with all sort of non-relevant pictures for other users.