Order of widgets on group profiles


How do I change the order that the widgets on groups profiles appear?


  • It's impossible to do that, then?

  • Do you mean when you go to a group the , bookmarks, files and discussion 'widgets' ? you want to re-organize that part? .. i would like to know that as well :) Discussions should be on top, if you ask me.

  • Widgets exist due to (mostly) -- other PlugIns
    extending the Groups` relevant View. Group and Core
    intrinsic widgets are controlled by other means.

    So for example in -
    .    Blog
    .    Files
    .    Pages

    These widgets appear (usually) in the order
    that the PlugIns (Blog, Files, Pages) are
    loaded for the Elgg install.

    To control the widgets` sequence properly -- the
    elgg_extend-view() API call by each PlugIn over the Group`s
    relevant View - will need the Priority parameter to be
    specified - to control the particular desired widget sequence.

  • Which file do I need to edit to set these priorities?