Fatal Error...?

Everytime I do something like activate a plugin or upload a profile picture I always get redirected towards a "Fatal Error" page. It says, "

Fatal Error.

Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.

  • Hahhh ;-P LOLZ ;-X
    You've either got a bad PlugIn or corrupt language files.
    I created this error by accident when testing some PlugIn code  here on my XAMPP !
    -- My own code - so on that case I knew exactly what that code was ;-)
    If the cause is a PlugIn -- then that is sending 'headers' (some text) before output in expected - and before Elgg expects any output - before the Elgg forward)) is done.
    If language file - could be *any corruption - junk chars (maybe hidden by the encoding)
    Try reloading all your language files *and disable all non-core PlugIns (maybe even all PlugIns) then test.


  • Ok i disabled all my plug in and tried to activate one it it was fine.... al though I have to find which one it is causing it... and I have a lot... damnit :p

  • ;-) What was causing the problem ??

  • Yes, if you found out please share so anyone else facing the same issue knows where to look.

  • I had the same issue and found it was the mobile 1.8  plugin. I am runing elgg 1.8 version. Hope this info helps someone else.

  • The same happened to me when testing the Facebook theme (not the latest version) on Elgg 1.8.1beta. It might be caused by themes/plugins not being completely up-to-date with Elgg 1.8.1.

  • Well -- pity that Mister Nick don't wanna come back and post details of his experience and the exact cause of his error.. esp after I directed him to the solution ! Says much about his 'community spirit' for helping other newbies like him here ! ;-)


    It is not quite 'out-of-date' PlugIns -- "Halting execution for security.." is the reason - The core validations detect that situation where there is a possible security threat and therefore 'halts' ;-) In my case I knew the exact code I had then just added while coding some 1.8 PlugIn here - nothing out of date in my code ;-P

    The error made me study the code I had to figure what it was doing that was considered  security threat and... yes ! potenial threat...

    I guess that others' PlugIns might end up (unknowingly) having that code style that triggers the 'error'. It's a simple piece of code that opens up a small security hole - but Elgg Core traps that.

  • I got the same error when I installed 'LiangLee_metatags' - I'd to delete that manually since i was not able to logon.