Making Elgg private?


I have been checking out Elgg as an option for a group website I help administer. What I want to know is; How can I make all the streams (River?) only viewable by members of the site, and how do I controll who can register on the site? Elgg seems very public to me as it is out of the box...

Is there an invitaion system where users can recomend other members?




  • Hi Shawn,

    Elgg is indeed a very open site. At this moment there is no possibility to assign different user roles to start with. This basicaly means that every registered user can post a blog artikel, if that plugin is active, or use any other plugin that is installed. Elgg only knows two types of users .. users or admins. For now i can work with elgg, and it looks promising that someone soon will develop a plugin that allows me to control the access of the users. Apart from this, I do think Elgg has a good foundation :)

  • Out of the box Elgg 1.8 supports two features that will do close to what you want.

    First, you can public disable registration (Administration -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Allow new users to register). This means only users you create will be able to log in.

    Second, you can require that users be logged in to view any content by enabling the "Walled Garden" plugin.

    Edit: I forgot that we merged Walled Garden to core for 1.8. To restrict access to logged in users, go to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced Settings and check "Restrict pages to logged-in users."

  • @ brett, i was wondering, how can i activate the "Restrict pages to logged-in users" and remove the login form? I want that part to be free of the login page. When i use a drop down login menu it conflicts with it even after i deleted the form.

  • @brett, that's great. Thank you for the info.

  • Close but no cigar. Once you turn off public registration the invite system doesn't work anymore... This is sad.

    Is there a wish list I can add this too some where?



  • That kind of feature is pretty much the "Tuenti style" and maybe a few other very well known networks. I'd say I do not quite see Elgg making this a built-in feature in a hurry simply because  - so far - very few people seem to asked for this. Elgg's intrinsic registration features would seem quite oki for most people. The link I posted earlier does have some more detailed discussions than here. Feel free to browse around...