Elgg sticky group post

Hi everyone,

I have searched using google, and of course on this elgg site and among the plugins for a way to make a group post sticky. Is there any way to do this? Or perhaps I did not look hard enough for the correct plugin that allows me to make a sticky post.

In other words, please help :-)



  • You would need to write a plugin to extend Elgg to do this. The sticky posts would be tagged with metadata. The display pages would then pull back the sticky ones first and then load the other topics.

  • Thanks for answering Cash.

    Too bad. I am not so good in programming that I can make my own plugin. Altering the code a bit is in my scope :)

    Another question though, I am trying to find out how I can show the last 5 group discussions on my custom_index page. Does anyone know how to do this? :)

  • If you're using elgg 1.7.x you can try my Robust Groups plugin. It has the sticky topics functionality included as well as being able to have more than 1 discussion forum in a group.

  • would love to see that pluggin ready for 1.8 .. I am using 1.8 :)