Each user gets limited number of invitations.


I use elgg 1.8 and I want my social network to work as an invitation-only network. I want each user to have a limited number of invitations (lets say 10), and each new user gets 10 new invitations to distribute. Just like a lot of google's services were in the beginning, like gmail, google wave, orkut, google+, and so on.

Is there such a plugin?


  • There is currently no plugin that does precisely what you want, but it shouldn't be that difficult to put together.

    Do you have any php knowledge?

  • I have very limited php knowledge... I hope someone with a solid php knowledge reads this and finds it a good idea and decides to implement it ! Haha

  • Both features can be done / coded - the old Tuenti registration idea ;-) You've got 2 features there :- (1) Register by Invitation-only and (2) Each user gets limited number of invitations. Somebody (ex-client) had asked me to develop these last year for his site because he - being from Spain - had wanted to mimick the 'Tuenti style' in places.. here and there ;-) Tuenti then sends the invitee an email message like - " Adrian.. te ha enviado una invitación para ser tu amigo en Tuenti. Para registrarte, sigue esta invitación: http://www.tuenti.com/?m=register&invitation=1234abcd1234abcd1234abcd1234abcd  Esta invitación caduca a los 60 días del envío. Un saludo, El equipo de Tuenti. " ;-P And the you can click and register. LOLZ ;-) I had to register there - via his invitation - to review some of the features he wanted to clone.



  • Does it work with Elgg 1.8?

    How much do you want for that code? ;-)