Single user - multiple profiles

Dear guys,

I want the user can be able to create a Company profile and to manage it.

The Comany will be an entity with a custom profile and it can have friends, join in a normal user.

What is the best way to do this? Where to start from?

Thanks a lot! ;)

  • Try Jeroen's profile manager. Define different profile types, and go from there. 

  • I don't think Ismayil quite understands. You want to be an individual user, who can then create a "company" user and be able to then login as that company.

    1 (real world) person 2 accounts?

  • Exactly Trajan, a "company" is a particular user, with a different profile, so for example:

    - a normal User can be friend of companies ad also of normal users, and viceversa

    - a normal User has on his profile fields: city, hobbies...

    - a "company" user has on his profile fields: address of the company, services...

  • It's certainly possible to do, and shouldn't be all that difficult to put together.

    You would need to write a plugin that would extend the registration page and add an option for profile type (user,company). This choice would set the user's "subtype" as the selected type.

    Next you would need to use the Profile Manager as Ismayil recommended as it can deal with profile types (on the surface), and setup the profile fields based on the profile type.

    However what Profile Manager doesn't currently do (as far as I know) is allow the profile types to be tied to the user in a way other than allowing the user to select what they want. In short, no matter what type of user logs in (based on your extension of the registration page) the user would still have to choose their profile type when filling in their profile. It would not be automatically set to the range of profile fields you want it to. Extending/hacking the profile manager plugin to do what you want isn't difficult, but it's still a hack.

    Up to you. 

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that even though the real person can create these two different types of users, the system would automatically see them as completely separate entities. You might want to consider a further connection between the two elggUsers such as a relationship to show that the owner of both is the same.

  • Thank you very much,

    I'm using Elgg 1.8 and the plugin you proposed seems don't work fine with this version...

    Do you think is better to do an Elgg downgrade??

  • That choice is up to you. Downgrading will most likely only require upgrading later. There are other ways of doing what you want (with the basic profile plugin instead of profile manager) that would not require you to downgrade.

    You need to be able to code php and have a good knowledge of elgg's structure to make this happen. If you aren't comfortable with that, I recommend going to the Professional Services group and asking a developer to do the work for you. You will 99.9% have to pay for it.

  • Hello All,

    I would like to make multiple alias of any user. Like User A have 2 alias in the system like A and B.

    When user wants to post anything then he/she has to select alias for display, if he selects A then displayed as A posted something, else if he selects B then displayed as B posted something.

    But internally it goes to same user. So user can edit/delete that post.

    Is this possible with any plugin?