Only my items are appearing in widgets

I am afraid this might be something simple or a misunderstanding on my part but here goes....

My Profile and Dashboard widgets only show items that I create. It doesnt matter what the setting is (Public, logged in, etc) for the widget, only my content shows up. I have checked that the content (for example a blog post) is published by another user to public...but it still doesnt show up on my profile page or dashboard.

What am I missing? thanks for your help.


  • On your profile page, only things you create will ever show up. The access controls for the widgets there determine who can see the widget,not what content is shown.

    The dashboard is a different matter and should display content from all users (depending on what access settings they have for each piece of content). If everyone sets their access on blogs to private you won't see anything but your own stuff on the dashboard.

    Also, check your default access level (admin>Site Administration) to see what it is set to.