Should I use 1.8 in production?

After some delay since originally trying out Elgg, I now have a serious commitment from my society to implement a Social system.  I've just downloaded V1.8 but a number of plugins don't appear to work as expected (prinicipally Profile Manager as we we need to be able to add additional fields to user profiles.)  I downloaded the previous version as part of my first evaluation phase some 9 months ago.

My question are then;

Is V1.8 ready for prime time? 

Or should I use the 1.7 branch?  And if I do that, how much pain is going to be involved to migrate once 1.8 is ready?

I'm looking at this from a system management perspective so would appreciate any insight I can gain here.

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  • 1.8 is very stable and is a significant upgrade from 1.7, I would go with 1.8

    The process to upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 isn't particularly difficult, but you'll still run into the issue of plugin compatibility.  I would think that dealing with the 1.8 plugins (or lack thereof) up front would be the less messy and more stable route.

  • I agree with Matt. Upgrading can sometimes cause problems if not done properly. On a live site that can be disastrous.

    1.8 is very stable. It would just be a matter of waiting for plugins to become compatible with 1.8 (if you can't wait you can always make them compatible yourself).

  • Ok, Thanks for the input guys.  Appreciated.  I'll go with 1.8 and wait for plugins to catch up.  Cheers. A.

  • I think I heard about a glitch in profile manager when they just did the last 1.8 release, though it had been fine prior. Expect something from Dalsem soon enough, you might comment on that plugin thread.

  • You should know that adding and ordering custom profile fields is built into to 1.8, so if that's the only reason you needed Profile Manager, you can probably get by without it.

  • @brett - hmm, custom profile fields in 1.8 seem to be (very) limited. i.e. to what a user can see in their profile page.  No control over where they can be seen, admin only etc.  Few options in field type selection - where for instance is a 'select' field with options.  No control in mandating a field .

    Not quite what I had in mind.

    @TahoeBilly - I did thanks but no response yet.

    My two penny's worth, for all it matters

    The ability to adapt something like elgg to be based around your own membership requirements seems to me to be key to its operational capability and success targets.  Having looked over the database schema, I can see nothing that precludes having an in-built profile management system as a core feature.  Presumably Dalsem thinks the same, which is why he has addressed this shortcoming for so long.

    So come on you devs, either include Dalsem's functionality, or at the very least work with him so his essential piece of functionality is in step with trunk dev.

    End of two penny's worth



    ps - where's the button that sends updates to this topic to my mail box?


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