NC/NI- creation of roles and user experiences, Classroom plugin and plaigarism checker, event and calendar separation

I am looking for help coding a university social network running elgg. 

The following are an overvire of the features required:

-Creating roles.

This would require having a site admin and moderators who can carry out routine tasks on the site. They should have a higher privilege level than regular users.

Furthermore I would like roles for with different user experiences based on the type of profile. 

- Separation of the events and calendar plugin but maintaining their integration.

This would make it possible to have an events page but only events that the user wants to attend/mark shall be added to the calendar. 


- Classroom and plaigarism checker.

Currently implemented is the use of groups to be used by lecturers to conduct classes. I would be grateful for any information that could help this function robust; allow for students to post their assignments. An online library would also be a useful feature

Furthermore I would like a plaigarism checker implemented that can be used to check submitted assignments. 



Professional Services

Professional Services

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