custom profile field


is it possible to add a field to the profile form? I don't want to use the "Edit Profile Page" Funktion, because I need more complicated fields (double select ...) and want to stay with the original fields as well. I'm using elgg 1.8.1, so I can't use the "Profile Manager" PlugIn. I have add some fields to the registration form, but I don't know how it works for the profile form and in which way I have to store the data, so that everything is elgg conformal.



  • " more complicated fields (double select ...) "  ---> more complicated coding ;-) inside Elgg1810/mod/profile/views/default/profile/details.php

  • There's a beta release of the profile manager plugin for Elgg 1.8 available, I don't know how well it works - and if it also works with the latest Elgg 1.8.1. Most likely the profile manager plugin will be updated soon for Elgg 1.8 to fully work there. The code of the profile manager plugin surely is quite substantial. So, you might can imagine that it's not an easy task to implement custom profile fields in an easy to manage way. Maybe it's better to wait until the profile manager plugin will be available in a full-working version for Elgg 1.8.

  • @II -- I think that in  '..more complicated fields (double select ...)' - he might want to cascade select fields' options by using onChange @ one field to dynamically populate options for second field.

  • the beta works very well in 1.8.1 of profile manager....