Kaltura Video

I have been converting the Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin (by Ivan Vergés) for Elgg 1.8.

Most of the development and discussion related to the Kaltura plugin here in the community seems to be really old and I've been wondering whether there are still people either using the plugin or interested in continuing it's development. (The plugin main site is in the Kaltura Exchange but there hasn't been any recent activity either.)

Currently I'm using the plugin to make a heavily customized video site for a customer. Most of the plugin features are not accessible to the end-user since in the particular installation the plugin is being used only as an access point between a Kaltura Video Server and Elgg and the CRUD and video editing functionalities are accessible only by admins.

Since the core functionalities of the plugin are already compatible with 1.8, I have not been using much time to update and refine the UI and the end-user functionalities, which could still need some work.

So if anyone is interested in the plugin or in a possible collaborative development please let me know.