Uploading And Unzipping Plugins In Admin Panel

I have been trying REAL REAL HARD to make a plugin that will allow admin to upload plugins via admin panel which will automatically unzip the folder in the mod directory. Now i have found a script that do just that but the problem that i have is getting it to work with elgg.

My question is, if i upload the script (which is a GNU/LGPL) will you guys be able to make it into a plugin for elgg? It would do so much for the community and also for elgg :) My way of contrbuting lol

  • This is what I was talking about with 13Net (but an advanced version). It was like downloading the plugin directly from ELGG community and uploading it to mod directory.

    Regarding Uploading and unzipping, I have that GPL library. I have implemented that for another purpose.


  • Yea thats the idea. It could work both ways too, for example, when developers upload their plugins to elgg, along with the download link there would also be a link to the zip file so users would be able to put that link from their admin panel and the file would be upload and unzip to the user's mod directory.

    And btw i like thats a real nice idea! Im sure ithelps ALOT of users! :) There should be an Elgg tools group with links like those in it!

  • @Flex and Purus, : the idea seems good one, but for unzipping and adding new plugins you need mod directory/files writable by apache, which is not recommended.

  • @Webgulli ;-)
    You - as a developer - know what mod - 0755 means !!?
    So whence this '..not recommended' ??
    If you look at RayJ's  upcoming as yet published only @ GitHub PlugIn
    'elgg_update_services' --
    which will be used on the next Elgg version(s)
    for upgrading Elgg code & PlugIns
    (developed by RayJ & Cash)
    you will be able to see --
    that it is is actually 'good idea'..

    You yourself have said - you are not a coder' ;-)
    Why bother ? esp when the auto-update feature
    is going to become a part of ELgg reality quite soon anyway ;-P

  • @DDS: You da man..

    For me, auto-update feature is different from "loading" new plugins. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • @WebGulli:

    Why don't you post respinses here instead of sending me private messages ? So that everyone else can benefit from the nice comments that you sent me ? Don't be selfish ;-) LOLZ.. And BTW - If it were 'not a good idea..' Cash and RayJ would not have developed this feature for Elgg...;o Have a look and try / test if brave ;-) ==> https://github.com/TheTrueBumba

    It makes little difference really. In the end - it is the 'auto' part that gets in and 'does the work' for you', isn't it ? RayJ's (+Cash's) new PlugIn will do that for Elgg + PlugIns.

    Some minor tweaks in that logic in there will also handle new PlugIns... ;-)


  • @DhruptheScup: We dont want to blame each other and create a scene here. As a developer, you are expected to know what basic things are. Never think that, other developers dont know such things, because as a developer you dont know it.

    We send you message, because we dont want to create a fight in someone else's thread. This will be the end of replies from our part in this.

  • @Team Webgalli I have seen that done with other projects (wont call names) and it is being use up to this day without any security issues etc, i believe it can work with proper coding.

    @DhrupDeScoop Ok if the auto feature will do the same kind of work then the idea wont be necessary. And honestly man just trying to see if i can understand lol, thats how i learn what i know now lol and if i was a coder that plugin would be up here in a flash! :)

    One day this feature will be a part of elgg's package God's will. Its much needed i believe.


  • @All:

    Let us just goto rest knowing that the concerns, ideas, thoughts expressed here are going to be taken care of, sometime soon.. ;-)