What was deprecated in 1.8



I've neen looking for a list of what was deprecated in elgg 1.8.

So far i've managed to find out that extend_views was deprecated to elgg_extend_views and pg/ was removed.


I'm in the process of updating the phpfreechat plugin;  I've managed to make it work, but I have to munually add the menu item (mysite.co.uk/chat) and it doesn't show under more if i don't.

I want to upload and share it but i would rather get a list of everything that was deprecated so I can get it working properly before i share it. I don't want to tell people to add the menu item manually and i would like it to function correctly. before i share it.

so if someone could point me to where i can get a clear list of what was deprecated, and maybe a dummies guide i will gladly sit down and update as many plugins as possible, i have a lot of time on my hands at the mement and will gladly update plugins...


Thanks in advance