Admin white screen due to izap bridge after Elgg 1.8.1 upgrade.

When I upgrade from Elgg to Elgg 1.8.1, the plugin iZap Elgg Bridge 2.1 causes a white screen on the admin page and the video upload icon is shown in the wrong order (before the profile icon) on the main site topbar.

I can easily reproduce this. When I disable Izap bridge the admin section is fine. When I enable the bridge plugin (even without the video plugin) the admin section white screens.

  • ow okay i thought that you are getting wrong icon.

    you can set the postion, check that from which code the upload button is showing there must be some position givin in that it should be some "register topbar menu item" or something like that. Check may be in elgg 1.8.1 the name of position is changed.....

    or it my be using css to show that icon, set the position from css file

  • @rbruhn

    The function in Elgg was changed to admin_page_handler().
    Changing admin_settings_page_handler($this->_page); to admin_page_handler($this->_page); in IzapAdminController _call() fixes the problem.

    Sorry i'm not so good in programming and i do not really understand where i have to put IzapAdminController _call(). Can you give me an example?


  • @rbruhn

    I read it again and again and i understand now and fix the problem.


  • Hi,

    We are quite busy with some elgg project. So that's why couldn't even get time to respond queries. But from now, i'm trying to get time for all of our products.

    I have updated izap-elgg-bridge for elgg 1.8.2. Now it respects the 404 addition in elgg 1.8.2. and also fixed above issue "IzapAdminController"

    Here you can download latest bridge: