Elgg Topbar always visible



i´d like to have the topbar always visible [dashboard, tools, search, logIN] or [profile pic, dashboard, tools, search, logOUT], but i don´t get the cutomisation done :-(

all i get now is a blank screen :-(

the script starts with:

     if (isloggedin()) {

first i tried to  do an elseif  with:

     if (isloggedout()) {

another time to reorder the doc and just make the second half only visible to logged in people ..... is there a hint in the world?


  • Seem the topbar is longer than the body, you can go to views/default/page_elements/header_contents.php add width:1000px to div of page_wrapper becomes <div id="page_wrapper" style="width:1000px;" > Demo at plekz.com