Default widgets on 1.8.1 dont work

I updated from to 1.8.1

I set up the default widgets for profile and for dashboard so that when users join site these widgets are already in place

but it does not work

any tips?


  • Hi. I know it's being solved properly for the next Elgg version, but I really need to workaround this as soon as posible. I'm exploring the code but certainly don't know how to sort the problem. Anyone has any idea on hoy to sort the problem? Or at least, how can I add widgets to an user when they register directly by code. I know I should register a function for handling the create user event, but don't know how to add specifically widgets for user setting context, column and the widget itself. Of course I'm talking of an temporary fix for the problem for new users to have something on dashboard/profile.

    Thank you very much.

  • I found that this bug ( was marked as "closed" on release 1.8.2. but problem that I was described before: "...But in fact both of them trying to create widgets on profile page and as result we got two entities for one widget with the same params" still reproduced... 

  • so, is thi resolved or not? I ask before i upgrade to 8.2

  • Elgg 1.8.3 was recently released!

    Elgg v1.8.3 changes:

    * Adds a white list for ajax views
    * Improved navigation tab options
    * Added group specific search
    * Added button for reverting avatar
    * Improved documentation for core class attributes
    * Adds a server info page under administer -> statistics
    * Improving caching of icons and js/css
    * Deprecation notices not displayed to non-admin users

    * Fixed upgrade scripts for blog posts and groups forum posts
    * Can now delete invitations to invisible groups
    * Fixed several widget bugs -> hope finally this issue is solved!
    * Fixed access level on add to group river item
    * Fixed recursive entity enabling
    * Fixed limit on pages in sidebar navigation
    * Fixed deletion of large numbers of annotations

    I'm upgrading my elgg now... so i will  let you guys know if this upgrade solve this problem!



  • I guess replacing this:

    // override permissions for creating widget on logged out / just created entities
    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('container_permissions_check', 'object', 'elgg_default_widgets_permissions_override');
    // only register the callback once per event
    $events = array();
    foreach ($default_widgets as $info) {
    $events[$info['event'] . ',' . $info['entity_type']] = $info;
    foreach ($events as $info) {
    elgg_register_event_handler($info['event'], $info['entity_type'], 'elgg_create_default_widgets');

    On line 316 from engine/lib/widgets.php solves this issue!

    Thanks Cash for putting this on the elgg ticket #4254




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