Default widgets on 1.8.1 dont work

I updated from to 1.8.1

I set up the default widgets for profile and for dashboard so that when users join site these widgets are already in place

but it does not work

any tips?


  • Just to conmfirm the "Edit Profile" work for me too. No errors.

  • I guess its not just with to 1.8.1 versiion upgrade. I upgrade from 1.7.14 to before. I do have the problem of Default Widgets not working.

    "Edit Profile" works for me.

  • uhm....

    i created a church site, so new members are joining, but no default widgets.
    i have to manually add the widgets as they join.



  • @DhrupDeScoop  yes when my curser is over the edit profile button i see the link but when i click it almost looks like im Redirect to my index i think maybe its a .htaccess problom that i have my default widgets are working fine for new users  the only problom i seem to have in 1.8.1 is when i click edit profile i go to index page

     @cash sorry for confusing things

  • i install a fresh  test copy of elgg and same thing when you click edit profile button it Redirects so i'm not to sure where to go from here ohh my head hurts lol

  • @mkmcst - please create a new tppic for this as it is not related to this thread.

    @all - as I haven't been able to reproduce this, someone else is going to have to debug it.

  • We also found the Default Widget thing buggy... there is something - we are working on it

  • I dublicate here my message from Google groups:

    I have installed latest Elgg 1.8.1 and found that functional for display 
    Default Widgets on Dashboard not works at whole. What I did: 

    1. Login as admin 
    2. Open Admin panel > Appearance : Default Widgets 
    3. Click on Dashboard tab and add a few widgets 
    4. Try to create a new user from admin panel 
    5. Login as a new user 

    Expected result: User already has a few default widgets on his dashboard 
    Actual result: Users dashboard is empty. 

    Also I try to investigate this behavior and spend some time for debugging. 
    I found that there are two event registered for creating default widgets: 
      [501] => (string) elgg_create_default_widgets 
      [502] => (string) elgg_create_default_widgets 

    How I understand, one of them should create widgets on profile page another 
    on dashboard. 
    But in fact both of them trying to create widgets on profile page and as 
    result we got two entities for one widget with the same params 

    May be some issue in /engine/lib/widgets.php within line 350 and 357. For 
    now we just check "entity_subtype" to recognize what set of widgets should 
    be copied for users, but we never check "widget_context" and as result 
    system always get the first element from $default_widget_info array which 
    represent set of default widgest for profile page. 


  • I was able to reproduce this and will debug.

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