Can't log in to my site with Internet Explorer - elgg 1.5

Hi All,

I've been working on my site for a couple of months now, slowly but surely i am learning a bit of PHP and the site is starting to take shape.

I always use Firefox, since this is the first site i have ever tried to develope i didn't even think about testing in other browsers... until yesterday.

Iexporer will load the index/login screen with no problems but when i enter any username / password and hit log in, all it does is effectively refresh the page. That is to say that it does not log me in and just re loads the front page.

Im using custom index and have edited it to contain Groups, Members and some html displaying an image and some text explaining the site. Unfortunately im new to all this so please forgive me if this is something stupid or i haven't provided the correct information.

Does anyone know a fix? Or even why the error occurs?