hello all,


please excuse my lack of knowledge and technical termanology but im fairly new to all this.

i am looking to build myself a social networking site but it is for a specific community of people and not just anyone should be able to sign up to it.

with this in mind i require an 'invitation only' policy where new members can only sign up if they are invited by current members.

i would expect it to work some thing like this: member z invites a new member and send hin an email to 123@abc. the new member receives the email and then clicks on the link which takes him to the sign up page which should only be valid for that particular sign up.

does this sound like a visable idea?

can i produce this kind of procedure using 'elgg' to build my website?


i would grately appreciate anyones feedback on this matter, i have further questions to ask after should this be possible.