Elgg is off from Top of mind? No education skils?

Hello guys. Does Elgg having a shock or need more marketing?

I'm suppose that we need to improve the information about this tool. Here, in Brazil, we are trying to organize the prodution and experiences using Elgg.

Mine doubt comming after read and article. The C4LPT site made by Jane Hart prepared a independent list about social networlk softwares. Basicaly devolted to learning activities. (16set2011). Until 2010 the Elgg was there. This year Elgg is out of it.

A problem came to all that defende the you of this tool. What's happening? Is there any other articles in favor the use of Elgg? We need more information to help the defende of Elgg use in companies, governs, etc.

Someone have this informations?


Detail: Wordpress got the 4 Th position on category BLOG and the 90th was took by buddypress

  • Somehow I think that's a bit skewed. I can't really see Outlook as an especially useful education tool. It's an email client.

    C4LPT used to be active on this community. Furthermore, I would not class Twitter as the #1 learning tool at any time. Neither would I class Facebook as educational.

    That seems to me to be more of a list of popular sites and services these days with a slight lean towards education/learning.

    Elgg isn't there, that's their mistake.

  • I think Cerceau makes a good point. Jane Hart is a huge influencer both on the educational and on the training areas and she has promoted Elgg a lot. The list results from the voting of users, so it will probably reflect what Trajan says. Nonetheless, being out of that list means a lot of educators and trainers will simply not consider Elgg as an option. "It's their mistake" really strikes me as the kind of attitude that has killed many other valuable projects. Education is (might be?) a big field for Elgg - I believe it is the best platform for academic and professional communities - but not if the Elgg community is not committed to make it known :-).

  • I find elgg to be a real good educational tool, there is just not enough promoting by the community as Jose said. Another thing, elgg is a bit hard to find if you type in something like "Free Social Networking Software" or "Free Community Software". Could it be that SEO a part of the problem? I feel so. I believe the developers should spend some more time making sure that google and other search engine loves elgg powered websites. Im new here and i have been looking for a reasonable platform that i could work with (happy i found it) and it took me decades to find elgg. Also whats up with the demo being "down"? THE DEMO CANT BE DOWN! How will know get to know what elg is about abd how it works?

  • There has been some talk about Elgg Foundation. I didn't hear about it for a while. I suppose Foundation should take care about promotion and maintaining demo site. This what foundation does and how it works should be probably more public. We would probably need an incentive for people to work for foundation - some kind of reward by acknowledgement of work done.

  • Skype, Dropbox, Jing, Animoto, Audacity, Snagit, Picasa ? What the heckz ! Learning Tools ?? I'd hang my head and quit from business life before I publish such 'data' on my WebSite(s) !!

    The 'Foundation' ? 'Elgg Demo Site' ?
    The "10 Things That Deprives Elgg Community From Activity" !

    The Elgg "Core Team" -- as long it remains an exclusive team of only 3 Developers.. it is still pretty much an amateur organization working with a amateur software platform.

    When the Team starts to grow into more numerous, qualified, offifcal, beyond the 'contribute only via GitHub' attitude, and the official Elgg Team has more official Developer members working on advancing it - forever forwards -- then Elgg will become what it's destiny has been.

    There's just not enough time and brain power in such a small group who wield the development, design directions, logistics, technical topologies for Elgg -- to really advance Elgg very far.Change always has been painful but.. 'No pain no gain..!'

    The current 'Team' needs to figure out the simplest strategy - ' 'Synergy' from numbers that they by themselves cannot currently achieve -- as long as the situation remains.. Elgg remains ripe for a takeover by any fork offshoots.


  • ok.  I suppoused that it is possible to improve the information about Elgg. The master question I´ve been asked was about what is Elgg for and who is using it.

    The problem that I´ve brought was about the difficult to have access to information. How to bring for people to this plataform if we don´t have arguments?

    The more atual information about the foundation there we could found was the video obtained in camp elgg in Santiago/Chile. 

    Please, see the video: http://www.socialteam.com.br/videolist/watch/148/elggcamp-stgo-brett-profitt-elgg-foundation

    The core team is working hard, we know. 

    My intentions with this framework is academic.  But, we all know that a lot of people are working to this as a job. Specially to this persons we need to build elements and arguments that could sustain the Elgg use.

    My suggestion is to organize the memberships and election of the board of the elgg foundation.  In addiction, could be remade the marketing strategy and the politic to use domains. For example, the Elgg foundation could use a domain in Brazil or construct pages in portuguese or made a partnership (a non commercial one) with organization in Brazil. The same model could be use in other places.

    As owers contibuitions we start to support a experience to improve the information about Elgg and some uses in Brazil.  And, we are looking to be 'supporters' of Elgg.

    What you thing about?


  • After my last comment and your reply - the thread has become a little off-topic and deserves it's own separate topic. I will create a new one, copy the last 2 posts into there and then we can continue. The thoughts that you have expressed need more serious discussion(s) and strategizing - if any one wants to take Elgg to heart and be very serious about things as well.