Adding more member or group listing on home page -- how in 1.8?

I installed elgg

and activated Custom-Index plugin

but in the home page -- whether logged in or not -- it lists only ...

the last 4 groups created ...

however, i would like to list a lot more than that

where (which file and in that directory) can I edit this?

I know html and php and cpanel and file manager, so I most likely understand the instructions if given to me here.


ps: I will most likely also need to increase the number of last users joined displayed, too.

  • Have a look at :=
    Find the code spots that say :-
    'limit' => 4,
    //grab the latest 4 ...
    That is enough to guide you to why only 4 of latest
    anything displays and what code needs to change ;-)



  • Thanks ... it worked


    you just scored many points in Heaven since this is for a church site.



  • Do you know how to also include new users who have not uploaded their avatar?


  • ;-) I tend to help you quite freely because I have seen your good contributions back here and your general community attitude is okay and pleasant and positive ;-oO... And you seem to follow outline code directions well ;-o  ie U R OK in my books. (I do not make friends easily;-)

    If those Louboutin people are bothering you too much - lemme now - I might write out that PlugIn after all. I have been studying a lot of Spam posts like that for some months now to see if I can determine patterns or style of language.

    I have a collection almost 200 such posts gathered from here and other places - whenever I see them.

    Lemme know and......maybe we'll exorcise those spammers and the tools of their nefarious trade.. lolz & tee hee ;-)


  • Easy stuff ;-) and you can also learn to make things yourself easy
    too ;-) It just takes some spare time reading of the Elgg code..

    in that same php script file := 
    //get the newest members who have an avatar 
    $newest_members = elgg_list_entities_from_metadata(array(
        'metadata_names' => 'icontime', 
        'types' => 'user',
        'limit' => 10,
        'full_view' => false,
    ... etc

    That code =>
    'metadata_names' => 'icontime',
    -- fetches members who do have avatars
    remove that line and I think it should fetch
    any latest members with avatar or without !;-)


  • Thank you for your kind words
    and thank you for all tips given above

    they all worked

    Im working on new and useful plugins
    as a way to give back to this awesome community

  • ;-) u r welcome.. and before i get carried away and fat-headed-bloated.. of course those tips would work correctly ! if you know who i am ? ;-P and now i must 'shut up' and keep my peace for now and for ever-after ;-)

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