Extracting number from vars[entity] HELP!!!

Hi to all,


I am trying to develope a widget for Tidypics and I am in arealy big trouble. Can someone help me?I did not know that it is going to be so complicated. I have a form and the "name" atribute I stored it in a params[] array.In this array are stored the "guid" from every checked picture.

"<input value='checkedImage' name='params[".$im->guid."]' type='checkbox' />";

Now when I want to get this guid's, please excuse me if I make mistakes because I am a novice, I can not because they are stored in the database as numbers and the way to acces them is by using vars[entity]->123, or vars[entity]->324 and etc. But vars[] does not allow direct access of variables. Can someone help me? I need any posible way how to get the guid's stored in params[] array into another array. Is there any function or anything else?

I tried by $vars['entity'] ->guid, $vars['entity'] ->getGUID, $vars['entity'] ->owner_guid;

but non of them are in fact the guid's of the pictures that I have checked, but the value that I get is the widget guid.

If there is any topic in elgg regarding this please also reference me to it.

Thanks to all!


  • name="params['checkedImage']"

    $vars['entity']->checkedImage is your widget's metadata that stores an array of selected guids.

  • Hi Khayredinov,


    I tried the way as you sugested, but it did not worked.The $vars['entity']->checkedImage was alwas giving back an empty array. So what I did it in another way: 


    1. I kept the form structure as it was in edit.php :


     echo "<tr><td>";

              echo elgg_view_entity($im);

              echo "</td><td>";          

              echo "<input value='checkedImage' name='params[".$im->guid."]' type='checkbox' />";

     echo "</td></tr>";



    2. I got the checked images guid in this way:

       $filtered_psettings = 0;

               $entity = $vars['entity'];

               $psettings = get_all_private_settings($entity->guid);

               $filtered_psettings = array_keys($psettings, "checkedImage");

               $product_guids = array_values($filtered_psettings);


    And I have now all the guids from the cehcked images in $product_guids but when I want to pass them to:  

    $images = elgg_get_entities(array(

    "type" => "object",

    "subtype" => "image",

                    "owner_guids" => $product_guids,

    //"container_guid" => $guid,

    "limit" => ELGG_ENTITIES_NO_VALUE,


    and than in order to display them I use:

    foreach ($images as $im){ 

    the echo elgg_view_entity($im);


    It is not returning anything. Even when I do var_dump($images->owner_guids); it is returning NULL. 

    Do you have any suggestion why it is like this, why Elgg is reacting in this way?

    All best!

  • I don't understand why are you using your image_guid array for owner_guids...

    foreach ($product_guids as $im) {




    You don't need to get an array of entities to display them. 

  • Thanks again for the help Khayredinov! I tried as you sugested. It did not worked eather. I realy dont understand how this whole thing works, or it is supposed to work. Here is again what I did :


    $guid = (int) get_input('guid');
               $filtered_psettings = 0;
               $entity = $vars['entity'];
               $psettings = get_all_private_settings($entity->guid);
               $filtered_psettings = array_keys($psettings, "checkedImage");
               $product_guids = array_values($filtered_psettings);

               foreach ($product_guids as $im){

               echo elgg_view_entity($im);



    At the end it returns "boolean false" which it seams that the values in $product_guid array are not an "instanceof ElggEntity". This are only the guids. But should the guids be an instance of ElggEntity? Sorry this might sound stupid question, but I am still trying to learn. Thanks for the help in advance!

  • What is the first place to look for an answer? Tidypics plugin:

    1. tidypics/views/default/widgets/latest_photos

    line 11: tp_get_latest_photos

    2. tidypics/lib/tidypics

    line 36: tp_list_entities

    line 172: tp_view_entity_list

    line 178:  $html = elgg_view('tidypics/gallery',array(

    'entities' => $entities,

    'count' => $count,

    'offset' => $offset,

    'limit' => $limit,

    'baseurl' => $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],

    'fullview' => $fullview,

    'context' => $context,

    'viewtypetoggle' => $viewtypetoggle,

    'viewtype' => get_input('search_viewtype','list'),

    'pagination' => $pagination



    So pass your entity list to the elgg_view('tidypics/gallery') and see what happens