Garbage collector, logrotator and etc

Just wondering if turning off these things is bad? or having them on is good :P?

It seems every friday or so my site crashes from something and i'mm point it to t he garbage collector because it says something about garbage.

  • It is not bad. Those are tools to maintain your network. What hosting are you using?


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Query Execution Was Interrupted


    QUERY: SELECT Count(DISTINCT E.Guid) As Total FROM Elgg_entities E JOIN Elgg_metadata N_table On E.Guid = N_table.Entity_guid JOIN Elgg_metadata N_table1 On E.Guid = N_table1.Entity_guid JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msn1 On N_table1.Name_id = Msn1.Id JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msv1 On N_table1.Value_id = Msv1.Id JOIN Elgg_metadata N_table2 On E.Guid = N_table2.Entity_guid JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msn2 On N_table2.Name_id = Msn2.Id JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msv2 On N_table2.Value_id = Msv2.Id JOIN Elgg_metadata N_table3 On E.Guid = N_table3.Entity_guid JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msn3 On N_table3.Name_id = Msn3.Id JOIN Elgg_metastrings Msv3 On N_table3.Value_id = Msv3.Id WHERE (((Msn1.String = 'ToId' AND BINARY Msv1.String = 2 AND ( (1 = 1) And N_table1.Enabled='Yes')) AND (Msn2.String = 'ReadYet' AND BINARY Msv2.String = 0 AND ( (1 = 1) And N_table2.Enabled='Yes')) AND (Msn3.String = 'Msg' AND BINARY Msv3.String = 1 AND ( (1 = 1) And N_table3.Enabled='Yes')))) AND ((E.Type = 'Object' AND E.Subtype IN (16))) AND (E.Site_guid IN (1)) AND (E.Owner_guid IN (2)) AND ( (1 = 1) And E.Enabled='Yes')




  • Yew kinda didn't answer his questions ;-)
    And.. ?have you tried? the trusted Google for =>
    " Query Execution Was Interrupted "

  • haha I did i found this :P

    You're in luck  - help is here 
    and.. this is not an Elgg or PlugIn problem ;-)


    DhrupDeScoop 134 days ago

  • I did the search using this :P

    I found lots of other sites but it seems no one else ran into the problem :[

    My database table elgg_error crashed today and i've been getting that error with slowdowns on my site. I wonder......

  • hmm i think the strange thing is, that this 'Query Execution Was Interrupted' only occurs on my admin account when visiting my administration panel while it seems fine on an user account

  • yes, this happend to me too, but my host have a tool to repair database, and i used it , every thing now is ok.

  • @PaixLand what is the tool?

  • My error log :P


    [12-Nov-2011 10:54:01] *** FATAL EXCEPTION *** : exception 'DatabaseException' with message 'Sort aborted


     QUERY: SELECT m.*, n.string as name, v.string as value from elgg_metadata m JOIN elgg_entities e ON e.guid = m.entity_guid JOIN elgg_metastrings v on m.value_id = JOIN elgg_metastrings n on m.name_id = where m.entity_guid=1 and m.name_id='1' and (  (e.access_id IN (2)

    OR (e.owner_guid = -1)

    OR (

    e.access_id = 0

    AND e.owner_guid = -1


    ) and e.enabled='yes') and (  (m.access_id IN (2)

    OR (m.owner_guid = -1)

    OR (

    m.access_id = 0

    AND m.owner_guid = -1


    ) and m.enabled='yes') ORDER BY ASC' in /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/database.php:187

    Stack trace:

    #0 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/database.php(269): execute_query()

    #1 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/metadata.php(431): get_data()

    #2 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/entities.php(241): get_metadata_byname('SELECT m.*, n.s...', Resource id #54)

    #3 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/entities.php(192): ElggEntity->getMetaData('SELECT m.*, n.s...', 'row_to_elggmeta...')

    #4 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/entities.php(264): ElggEntity->get('1', 'email')

    #5 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/configuration.php(204): ElggEntity->__get('email')

    #6 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/elgglib.php(728): configuration_init('email')

    #7 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/lib/elgglib.php(804): events()

    #8 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/engine/start.php(93): trigger_elgg_event('email')

    #9 /home/forumwlink/public_html/weforumwcom179/index.php(13): require_once('/home/forumwlink/...')

    #10 {main}

  • Yup No one here is required to give free help ;) thought I'd just ask.

    Been struggling with this (yup searched Google & and new install). It's been fine for about 2.5 months now but it just suddenly out of no where started poping these things :P


    I'm thinking there is a problem with the database but I've done repair from both cash and the cpanel. 

    The elgg_metadata has about 1,985,617 rows Hmmmmmmmmm 

    If anyone could give me a 'push' in the right direction without killing the database that'll be great :) how young do they have to be ;)