is it possible to replace the function name prefix "elgg_" with ssn? for eg ssn_view in elgg  .....

solution please

  • +2.5 -- Practically needs a proper formal-like PHP syntax parser to scan all the code - php, css, js, etc - with some 'rules' to determine the code's global text edits. the grep/sed routime I posted above would do a 'blind' global text change with no guarantee that nothing will 'break'. Some intelligent sort of parser is defiitely not something for which any 'step-by-step' how-to guide will work ;) coding parsers, low-level scanners, lexical analysers... ? ( & if that sounds like greek - it will be ! ) Looking at a semester project here ..;-oO  I think that Tom and Trajan are quite very much on the mark above with the points they've made. 

  • @ all guys i replaced it but nothing worked.... if not this is there any code encryption technique?


  • @dhrup can you give me the windows command for tat?


    @all guys if this is possible i can replace all the commands in the plugin too na....



  • @Bennet - this is pointless. Elgg's license does not allow you to remove the license/credits when distributing the code. Even if you went through all the effort of changing every function, your clients would still know that you used Elgg (unless you broke the law by removing those files).

  • @cash: tnx for ur suggestion..... or else is there any encryption method to hide the source code?

  • @Dhrup Nice code dude! Very good work.

    @Bennett Please, do not thing do this kind of stuff using W$ndows. Prefere to install a virtual machine and execute the Dhrup's code.
    Make the live more simple! ;-)

    Ok. Before you ask... Google the words 'virtual machine'. You can install 'virtual box'.

  • @Bennett - the GPL also does not allow you to encrypt the code and distribute.

    The developers of Elgg deserve credit for their work. Free Open Source Software is not the same as public domain. You have to give credit and use/distribute/modify according to the licenses. 

  • @All:

    The code that I posted is Linux command line -
    WindooZe will need it it's own utilities stuff to do same effect..


    Cash has made *the point 2 X - 'no sense; and 'pointless' ;-)
    So why bother ?;-P
    Bennett first needs to decide what exacty he wants to achieve ?
    If just wanna hide the fact that U R using Elgg...
    => Yep - Stlll pointless and waste of effort -
    Those who want to know will find out anyways.. 

    I *proudly display the *Powered-By-Elgg* Larger
    than normal Elgg Logo on my own WebSite ;-O 

    Why don't you do so too ?


  • @ above all:this is just an experiment..

    @dhrup: tanx for ur response dude surely i ll place the logo.. but something i want to know whether this thing is possible... I just need to explore things thats why.... i tried your command but after that if i go to the index page its just displays a blank screen... why is it so?

  • Using the logo is not required.

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