is it possible to replace the function name prefix "elgg_" with ssn? for eg ssn_view in elgg  .....

solution please

  • Why do you need  to replace the prefix?

    Would you want to change the prefix for ALL elgg functions? That sounds like a crazy idea unless you have some exremely good reason for it.


    I´ve found this text inside /engine/settings.php

    // Database table prefix
    // If you're sharing a database with other applications, you will want to use this
    // to differentiate Elgg's tables.
    $CONFIG->dbprefix = 'elgg_';


  • Bennett as elgg is license is free and it comes with elgg. you can do it but first need to ask the elgg owners. If they allow you to change it so u can change otherwise not.

  • As Elgg 1.8 is released as GPL, you are free to change the code however you like. It makes absolutely no sense to rename functions though.

  • thanks all for your suggestion due to few reasons i need to change it ..... so if i need to change... I n3ed to know the following things in it...

    1.How to do it?

    2.Whether i should rename all the functions in the entire php files before the installation or after the installation?

    3. whether the site will work as normal as it looks now?

  • if i view the source code of the site i shouldn find the word elgg... this is what i need.... any type of solution please....

  • goto commad line and do :-
    grep -lr -e elgg * | xargs sed -i 's/elgg/ssn/g'


  • @DhrupDeScoop tanx for ur idea ... can you teme how should i do this?  i dun understand which u said.. since i am a beginner

  • @Bennet - the only reason why I suppose you want this, is to avoid clients/competitors to find out by looking at your code that you use the Elgg framework... am I right? The reality is that even with the name changing, it is still very simple to see on many places, IMHO

    Advice would be to make to accept it, dont change you will get nuts with all the upgrades and plugins, and translate this fact to a marketing benefit.

  • +1 @Tom. Upgrading and 3rd party plugins will be a nightmare if you try and go through with this. Not really sure why client/competitor can see you are using elgg is a problem. It's not the framework that's will make you successful, it's how you use that framework to make your site unique.

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