Help needed with new plugin

Hi all,

Elgg newbie here, I am looking to create a “places” plugin complete with google map. Initially I thought to use the Blog plugin as a template & simply add “address” fields, which could then be used by some javascript to include google map API... However I have not gotten far before realising this may not be the best approach.

Is the approach I am using good or is there a better/faster way to accomplish my goal?

I am using Elgg 1.8 and did have a quick look at 1.8 plugins but couldn't see anything that would help.

  • Are you trying to build some kind of special 'Address Book' ?

    There have been GMap GeoLocation PlugIns and interfaces developed already - by Vazco, Jeroen, and I think quite few many others.I myself have coded somehtig like that for Profile locations and I think the others' PlugIns offer much similar features. There is also a 'Events" PlugIn that also does GMapping.



  • Kind of a special address book, something like what facebook now have on the places info pages with the Bing map etc...

    All the Map plugins already here seem old & unsupported, although I suppose it might be easier to update them to 1.8 than start from scratch?

  • 1.8 ? ahhhhh ;) Could start  with Blogs or Bookmarks to create 'Places', add the field for 'Location' -- say City, Country as metadata -- and then... worry about the GMap JS hookups. If you're OK with GMap JS API - it should not be too much work @ then to plug that in and drive the Map canvas DIV.


  • Thanks for that, it was basically what I was thinking, I might have a look at the Bookmarks template as Blogs was giving me some trouble modifying, although i think it is probably just time & patience as I'm still learning the Elgg basic :S

  • I should have a Maps/Places plugin released in a week or so...

  • @WismaHost:-  I think you wanna post your request on Mark's Elgg Mobile PlugIn area ;-)

    @Ismayil:- ;-) wunderrfullz !;-P for 1.7 or 1.8 ? I dodn't know you were planning such a PlugIn. I hope you're designing  something general enough so other Devs might/will be tempted to elaborate/ enhance/ extend ;-oO;X I think I will definitely have a close look.

    @Greg: What is facebook's Places Info Pages with Bing maps ? I haven't seen that yet ;-) What is your time-zone ? I think it was 3 am my time USA EST when you last posted here. You probably still might wanna continue your code off from BookMarks to do "Places' anyways - despite (super-programmer; I do *not bandy around accolades lightly!) Ismayil looking to do Places/Maps PlugIn -- the 'experience' will be quite worth your time spent in there.


  • @Ismayil: That is fantastic news! Can you give me a brief insight into the functionality? integration with google maps? also an update on ETA? If you need any beta testing I'd be happy to provide detailed feedback :)

    @DhrupDeScoop: Thanks for your thoughts so far, I have continued a little with the re-design of bookmarks however I have been a little side tracked with other projects. It would be great to see how Ismayil's plugin will function, could help me out a lot. Also the Bing maps on Facebook I mentioned earlier shows up when you view a business page on Facebook (assuming the business has listed an address I suppose).