i cant find documentation/tutorials for 1.8 plugin development

i know basic php and i really like elgg

why there is no UPDATED documentation is weird

as it is now you need to learn how to develop for 1.7 then relearn how to develop for 1.8

very weird

i got lots of ideas for useful plugins ..... but where i find 1.8, updated, development instructions and/or tutorials

without these resources, how is elgg to grow, or is this done on purpose so everyone is forced to pay for hire the few insiders who know how?

this is related to 1.8 only, please no links for outdated 1.7 instructions


man, am i frustrated ..... lol

  • That is a straaannge attitude.
    The real programmers with Elgg (or any other platforms)
    have usually learnt the trade by a lot of hard hard work..

    " the few insiders who know ? "
    LOLZ ;-P There ain't 'insiders' any around in Elgg !
    A handful of Core Developers who have their own
    day-time Jobs where they get $paid
    and while the rest of the World sleeps -- 
    They toil on coding new stuff for the neXt ElGg...

    What they and other heavyweight Developers do here
    on the Elgg Community is done for love.. of Elgg.

    I myself have been spending 8 hours per day working for $$
    and then on top 8 hours per day for ElGg for $0.

    Please do not promulgate untruths as " on purpose..
    so everyone is forced to pay for hire the few insiders.. "

  • i do have lots of respect for you, and all others, who labor freely to make elgg useful to many

    but my complaint is that, and you must admit, its very tiring to find clear development instructions for version 1.8

    and i posted such to encourage better and updated documentation, and was NOT the intent to put down in a negative or offensive way.

    by the way, after losing several pounds and taking many aspirin pills during research, i finally learned to create simple plugins for 1.8

    check out my first try and see what you think

    praise God!!