In which folder are stored all uploaded pictures in TidyPics

Hi guys,

I am trying to make some changes in TidyPics where when I click on "Your most riecent images" instead all latest images to be shown, I want when I click on this link to be shown all pictures that I have previously chosen. I do the selection of a picture that should be shown by the help of a radio button, which is located under each picture. Now I am trying to change the php code for pulling all latest pictures which is in "mod\tidypics\pages\lists\mostrecentimages.php".  What I dont understand is, how the pictures are pulled and summed up and displayed in the section "Your most riecent images". I tried to understand how pictures are uploaded to the system by reading the script in the file "mod\tidypics\pages\upload.php" but I am stuck when I try to find the path "pg/photos/owned/". There is no fodler such as "/pg/" but when I type the full path for example of a single picture from my album "http://localhost:8088/elgg-1.7.11/pg/photos/thumbnail/148/small/" than I can see the picture, but when I type only "http://localhost:8088/elgg-1.7.11/pg/" than it shows up "The requested URL was not found on this server". Can someone tell me where I can find the folder "pg" in Elgg or if it is not existing folder than how the path "http://localhost:8088/elgg-1.7.11/pg/photos/thumbnail/148/small/" is formed? 

Thanks to all  and please excuse me if I made some mistakes, I am still novice to programming.

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    The full path to the directory where uploaded files will be stored, followed by a trailing slash:

  • ZoranM,

    Elgg uses mod_rewrite and there is often no association between a URL and a file system path.

    In this case, TidyPics images are stored in Elgg's data directory.

    By the way, rewriting parts of TidyPics is a Bad Idea. TidyPics is updated from time to time and if you rewrite parts of the code you will not be able to upgrade.

    Much, much better to learn Elgg's plugin system and write a small plugin to over-ride the bits of TidyPics you want to change.

  • Thanks guys,

    I found where the pictures were stored, as Kevin sugested. I knew that all files from Elgg are stored in the Elgg data directory, but I could not connect the dots between the file path that was created by the script and knowing that the files are in Elgg data directory. Now is fine, thanks again to both. I am planning to wirte a plugin related to Tidypics but only because of time constrains for the task that I am working on I can not do that right now.

    All the best!