Plugin Development

I am student of Coumpter Science and choose oxwall pulgin development as final year project. Our team has 4 members and we have grip on PHP, MySql to some extent.
we had coverd some advance topics of PHP and still working on PHP.
We had read Plugin crash course but have some confusion in mind.
Thats why we want complete documentation that have all classes with their funtions and syntax so we can build advance plugin easily.
Is there any core developer available that can guide us time to time when we need it. If their is any developer available so please tell us.
Thanks in advance


  • if you're building a plugin for oxwall shouldn't you be asking these questions on the oxwall community site and not the elgg site?

  • That's some nice marketing tactics you got there. I'm just say oxwall does look sharper than elgg but nonetheless you shouldn't be here.

  • sorry, i was asking same thing on both platforms thats why by mistake i post the same topic on both platforms.

    so plz help me in starting development

    btw thanks u sir. at least u reply.

    waiting for ur reply

    sorry again

  • thanks sir.

    i had start reading and working it.

    i just want to know that this info is enough for writing a plugin for elgg platform or i have to consult some other material. bcz i m not fully php developer also.


  • depends 100% on what kind of plugin you are planning to write. The docs are full of the basics as well as some more in depth material on how to build plugins, and how elgg works.

    To get an even deeper understanding of what is possible, have a look at for a quick search of all functions,classes and models etc.

    Finally, download some of the freely available plugins from the plugin repo here and have a look through their code to see how they work.

    I couldn't even read PHP when I started with elgg (or HTML), now I can make a plugin do almost anything I want within the elgg-framework. Patience, Practice and Perseverance. :)