Interoperabily between ELGG and Android

Hi everybody,

Could someone tell me how to achieve the interoperability between ELGG and ANDROID. In fact I have a social network developed on elgg, and know I need add the possibility for people use it in his cellphone working with android 2.X. Basicly what I need is add the possibility to people SAVE information from cellphone on elgg database or/and LOAD on his cell phone information from socialnetwork database. To achieve this I need to Know wich parameters and in wich format, I need to send to android  in order to make it understandable and achieve total interoperability between Elgg and Android.

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.


  • Ehhh ? ;-)
    Looks like you're looking at some rather heavy Android App development
    beyond 'parameters' and 'formats' from Elgg.
    Elgg is basically Browser (PHP,etc) based..
    And does not know what the Android OS is ;(

  • Moved to plugin development group as that's a better place for this discussion

  • 1. You can create a mobile theme so that members on a mobile device can use the site like everyone else

    2. You can create an app for your site. Elgg provides a web services API that lets you expose functionality by writing a plugin. You would then write an app that uses the methods that you exposed in Elgg. There is more information on the web services API in the Elgg docs: