in search of plugin that can add elgg menu items

im a noob, i have no clue about php, but have been hacking away and even getting some stuff to do the things i want. i figured out how to hardcode new elgg menu items into the start.php (i want some static links that are only seen when !isloggedin), but now i thought how great it would be to have some kind of plugin, that would let me define those links in some kind of settings menu, without having to manipulate the start.php everytime per hand. is there some kind of plugin that already does that? and if not would there be some code avail that i could tweak to my liking (by trial&error. ;) )


menu builder is not an option since it doesnt allow me to set links viewable only for not logged in users, plus it doesnt fit into my theme(using a modified seashells version), i think thats because it doesnt use the standard elgg menu items. but im not sure about that. :) for now i know that i would rather have to hardcode all that links everytime than having to use menu builder.


thanks i advance.





  • PlugIn ? Not Yet ;-(
    Wait for some kind Developer to code this feature ;-) 


  • nah, vazco topbar doesnt help since i got no topbar... all those topbar plugins wont help, but there might be some code in there that can be salvaged.

  • im trying to modify the custom_topbar_link plugin.

    how can i fill in the settings from custom_topbar_link

    into this field:

    if (!isloggedin()) {
                        add_menu(echo get_plugin_setting('linkurl'), echo get_plugin_setting('linkurl'));

    obviously my approach doesnt work,


    custom_topbar_link generates the links like this, i think:

    <a <?php echo get_plugin_setting('linkparam','custom_topbar_link');?> href="<?php echo get_plugin_setting('linkurl','custom_topbar_link');?>"><?php echo get_plugin_setting('linktext','custom_topbar_link');?></a>



    im missing serious php knowledge.......