Problem with page after plugin activation


It's my first topic here, so hello everyone. I'm warning you, i'm a little newbie in elgg, so please- be forgiving for me: )

I've got elgg 1.8, i've needed a plugin with widget, which takes data from another site something like simple javascript code or iframe. Haven't found anything like that, so i decided to write one (it shouldn't be hard, though - i thought!) When i finished and activated it, my website turned into white page without any styles, css with word content only. And that is the question:

What the heck is going on? Plugin is so simple to write, so i have no idea, whats wrong. Ill give you my start.php and view.php (from widget folder). If someone could give me a hand, because i''m gonna freaking out with that staff.


function kurs_init() {

add_widget_type('kursy', "Waluty na zywo", "Kursy walut na żywo");




$widget = $vars["entity"];

<div id="tms_widget"></div>


Ive got a proper declaration in head of page for that widget. : )