Best Upgrade Process?

What is the best process of upgrading from one version of Elgg to a newer version. I am using 1.801 and at some point like to upgrade to 1.8.1 without losing information and data. What is the exact process of accomplishing the upgrade?

  • Some files has been removed from the ELGG core and in some core plugins.There has been an instance there was problem (profile folder) due to this.

    So following DDS tip of "killing all the current ELGG folders" will be the best option to do.

    Just overriding the new version with the old version files will keep the unwanted files in our system.

  • Forgot to mention, you should be taking back of the non-core plugins before deleting them.

  • => Backup the Old Elgg Code
    That is the Root Folder - has got everything in there ;-)


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