Email doesn't working with [domain].info

Dear all,

I would like to ask for some help or any solutions or any ideas relate to Email doesn't working with [domain].info.

I do testing with [domain].com, results email's working well, but while i test with [domain].info Email doesn't sent at all.

Currently, I used Elgg version 1.8.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all.


  • Okay... different issue than I thought... The problem with sending emails on a .info domain not working at all might then be caused by the server configuration (email server configuration). What email address do you use as site email in your Elgg site? Has it the same .info domain? It could be that your server doesn't allow sending of emails with a different domain in the "from" field to prevent spammer using your server to send spam emails. Have you tried the above example suggested by Cash with some other email than a .info in the field $from = "";?

  • I'm fairly certain this is a server configuration issue. The code that works according to puthyrom is basically the same code that Elgg uses to send email. The fact that PHPMailer also did not work for puthyrom points to this as a server configuration issue.

  • Dear iionly and Mr.Cash,

    Thanks for yours responds both. After I test with other domain Email is working well, so as Mr.Cash advice is correct because of Server Configuration. But one problems for me now is which part of Sever configuration that's I need to change. Seem like i am so dummy but please help me for this point.