First of all, thank you Kevin for this plugin. It works really well and it is really usefull.

I'm trying to modify it a litlle bit for my own needs. In the display_event_users.php, I want to use the fuction event_calendar_view_entity_list to display a list of object different from the users. 

The issue is that when I do that, the pagination doesnt seem to work. The number of the pages shows up, but only the first 10 entities are displayed no mather what page I chose.

I did several test, with several different objects ( Events for instance).

I use Elgg 1.7.14 and event calendar 0.84.

To sum up, the pagination for  event_calendar_view_entity_list  only work for the users.

Can you help me ? Or can someone Help me :) ?

Thanks in advance.