Groups plugin Clone to Project

Hello all,

I am using Elgg version 1.8 and I would like to adopt the total groups plugin functionality to the new plugin like ex: project

If any body knows how to change groups plugin to project plugin let me know please I have searched the community I found some of them had done it but I was unable to access those links provided in the topic.

  • Hello all

    I have copied the folder groups and renamed it to projects and I have done several modifiations on the projects folder and I am installed it in the site and I am able to access the projects plugin but when I add new project (I am getting same as groups plugin) but when I add information and click save I am getting the following error.


    Fatal Error.

    Type is not supported. This indicates an error in your installation, most likely caused by an incomplete upgrade.


    And I have debug the code with two versions (Groups and Projects) and I have stucked at the function get_entity in entities.php, the Function is called in $entity = get_entity($guid);  engine/lib/group.php on line 70 same thing I did in the file I created engine/lib/project.php in the groups I am getting the output as object ElggSite and for Project also I am getting returned object ElggSite but when it returns to the function where it is called in the Groups It is converting it to ElggGroup and For me I am getting the Error.

    Please help in to sort out this problem.......



  • project is not a valid elgg entity type. You would need to make that a subtype.

    If all you want to do is rename groups to projects, you can do that in the language file, no need to modify the core plugin files.

  • Hello Trajan,

       Thanks for the reply, actually I need the groups and as well as projects plugin in my site, can you guide me how can I do that one.

  • go to plugin repo and search for a plugin called "supergroups".

    Also, do a search on elgg before you post your question, you might find it already answered.

  • Hi Trajan

      Actually I am using the elgg version and the link is for the plugin 1.7