Force elgg to use original elgg comments

Hi everybody

I'm a new member. I discovered elgg a few months ago, and now I'm getting my hands dirty.

I have a question concerning the comments of elgg. I am using a plugin named Hypecomments.

( )

I would like to use some functions of this plugin ( the like button for exemple), but i would also like to use the original Elgg comments. But this plugin over ride the original elgg comments.

So is there any way to force elgg to use the original elgg comments ? 

Thanks for your help.


  • If you have a question about a plugin, you should post a comment on the plugin page or contact the author.

  • @Dyaz, that will not be an easy task, and I doubt that you will get help in the community - as it is very specific and detailed instructions that are you looking for.

    hypeComments is quite a complicated plugin as it is heavy on javascript and json, and it will not be an easy task for a newbie to modify it. I would suggest that you take a look at the likes/dislikes plugins available in the community. As far as I remember they don't overwrite default comments.

  • Ok thanks both for your help. I'm going to post in the pluggin page.
    And @ ihayredinov , I'm not really a newbie.